List Of 100 Mobile Game Review Sites


Whether you are looking for the best mobile game site as a player or you want to contact multiple games sites as a developer, this article will help you.

If you want to read some qualified game previews and reviews as a player, you should definitely bookmark at least one of the big mobile game websites. The most popular is TouchArcade with focus on iPhone and iPad games, however Android is getting into its scope as well recently. TouchArcade has also a great forum about existing titles as well as upcoming hit games and developer tips with thousands of users and posts.

Another popular mobile game review website is PocketGamer, which offers you a great mix of all platforms and genres. In addition, PocketGamer runs a Biz version of their page aimed on developers where you can read your daily portion of hot news from mobile game development industry. Kotaku and Slide To Play are also very popular sites for games reviews.

If you are looking for some publicity with your upcoming smartphone or tablet game title, below you can find detailed list of popular mobile game review websites. I have been compiling it for a few months now and it contains all major mobile gaming websites as well as many smaller ones focused on indie scene.

Also, feel free to download it in form of this excel sheet or share it with your friends. In case you are missing some good site, just post them in comments and I will eventually add them into the listing.

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148Apps Destructoid MacRumors
All Things D Digital Storyline Mashable
App Advice DIY Gamer Mobile Orchard
App Guide Euro Gamer N4G
App Reviews 4 U Fresh Apps Phone Dog
App Smile Game Reactor Pocket Gamer
App Store Apps Gamespot Pocket Full of Apps
App Store Arcade Gamezebo QJ
App Craver GigaOM Read Write Web
Appdictions Gizmodo Review For Dev
App Gamer iFanzine Screw Attack
Apple Tell IGN Wireless Slide To Play
App Modo Indie DB Smart Apps For Kids
Appolicious Indie Game Magazine Tapscape
App Picker Indie Game Reviewer TechCrunch
Apps 4 Review Indie Games The App Whisperer
Apps Happens IOS RPG The Appera
Apps Mirror Ipad Club The iPad Fan
Apps To Use Iphone Alley The iPhone App Review
App Safari iPhone and Kids The iPhone Mom
App Scout iPhone App Storm The Mac Observer
App Shrink Iphone Blog The Smartphone App Review
AppVee Iphone Club The Unofficial Apple Weblog
Appzilla Iphone In Canada Top Kids Apps
Ars Technica Iphone Life Top Ten Reviews
Art of the Iphone iPhone RPG Site Touch Arcade
Best App Site iPhone Toolbox Touch Archive
Best Apps For Kids iPhone World Touch Reviews
Best Kids Apps iPhone AppCafe Touch Gen
Business Insider Iphone Blog Touch My Apps
Joystiq VG247
Crazy Mike’s Apps Kotaku Video Gamer
Cult of Mac Mac World ZDNet
Daily App Show

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  • Mitch

    iPhonecaptain is great review site

  • Jerrr is a new one that looks awesome. Their videos are very honest

  • Classic Rummy is going to be a Mobile review site :-)

  • Zakaria Boukaddouss

    There is another website to download apps and games for all mobiles free

  • Julia Fernandes

    How can you forget this one :P “Apps Hub

  • Global Innovia

    blog is so informative. Keep up the good work!!!!

  • Mustafa Hussain

    Amazing List.
    But you missed a website called 7-SCLo Gaming Center –

  • Game Mob

    Hi Martin, our site is dedicated to mobile gaming news and reviews, plus we have a fast growing channel on YouTube. Would love to be considered on this great list.


  • The New App is a website dedicated to promoting apps that do not have
    a large following or are currently still in development. We review
    iPhone / iPad, Android, and Windows Mobile apps. You can submit an app
    for review here:

    We look forward to being added to your list.

    – The New App Team

  • Hanna Alex

    thanks for this its really amazing list its really helpful to iPhone games

  • Michał Kaliński

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    • DealForALiving

      Thanks for putting this list together Appfreak~ I still look forward to game reviews the way I used to with Game Informer magazine.

  • noMSG

    we’d like to build a game reviewing site, driven by users. have a look around.

  • DealForALiving

    Thanks for putting this list together Appfreak~ I still look forward to game reviews the way I used to in Game Informer magazine.

  • Martin

    They are picky, but if they like your app, they can write up a good review

  • Hamza

    Really nice app review list thanks.

  • Hamza

    Thanks bro very nice list. Tattoo for men

  • Rron

    I just found out about a game on Play Store called Just 11, which is a clone of 2048, but still it’s super addictive and it looks easier than 2048! All you have to do is add up the numbers to 11, if you can! I like it better anyways, try it.

  • JorelPlay

    I also make gameplay videos. If you want one for your game, just contact me

  • App Unwrapper

    Hi, would you please consider adding my mobile gaming site, Thanks. :)

  • Cokamouse

    Hi Martin! Would you consider adding to the list? We are dedicated to iOS game previews and reviews with an ever growing fanbase in the indie community. :) Thank you!

  • Saroj Kumar

    It is excellent helpful for iphone app. If you have available for android please keep with me.
    Contact info…

  • Paul Schinider

    These top 100 mobile game review sites list are cool. you have mention the top list it was really great work martin. also you have to mention Mobile Conference Call list for conferencing call, smart dialer, calendar, meeting type of apps.

  • Aleric Heck

    Hello! AppFind is another great App Review site that has Video App Review on YouTube. The channel currently has over 135,000+ Subscribers and is currently accepting review requests sent to the email address: AppFind (at) gmail (dot) com

  • sridevi kannan

    Hi, Here is another good app review site. Submit and get your apps reviewed for free.